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OG RUNE Gold Coin Campaign

OG RUNE Gold Coin Campaign

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Re-introducing the limited edition OG Rune Gold Coin, a tribute to the majestic realm of Asgard. Crafted with precision, this coin is not just a piece of metal but a portal to early THORChain tales.


Earn Your Coin Campaign:

1. Quote repost this tweet with the following text (copy paste):

$RUNE can 10X faster than you think. Watch the video below #THORChain #10XRUNE #Streams #Lending

2. Drive a minimum of 5,000 views to your quote repost of the tweet.

3. Follow @mehowbrainz and @rarecryptos

4. The moment you hit 5,000 views, DM  @mehowbrainz with the link to your quote tweet. He will send you a coupon code which'll discount the coin to $0 (you'll still have to cover your own shipping costs).


There are 50 coins up for grabs. It's a race to distribute them all. If someone actually pays the full price to buy one or many, it'll reduce the available supply.

These are the last coins from the limited edition series, many of them may have small blemishes and imperfections. Gold is imitation.

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